Do I Need a Surgery to Stop Snoring?

Snoring is not just an irritative habit as it may seem at the first glance. Reasons that stand behind it can signal about serious health problems and consequences that follow if it is not treated properly may be disastrous too. Unfortunately, it is not widely known that snoring can lead to death of a snorer in the long run.

When you live with a spouse and share a bed together you are quite likely to soon find out about your little problem. When there is nor one to tell you about it, check whether you have following things bothering you:

  • Fatigue
  • Decreased concentration
  • Bad mood

Presence of the above conditions in your life can mean that you started snoring. To be sure, check it with your local doctor. If it is true, he will suggest you remedies to quit snoring. If you are a light snorer or just started snoring then he will tell you to start from simple things such as changing your lifestyle, your habits, your sleeping position. If you have been snoring for a while, those things may be useless for you. He will tell you what remedies can possibly help you. They are a sleeping mask, a sleeping pillow, a sleeping chin strap, a sleeping mouth guard and various sprays and pills. And if even they don’t help you, the doctor will possibly put you to a surgery. This is the most expensive remedy, but your soring will be treated once and for all. There are several types on surgeries and needs to be chosen individually by the professional.


The most common type of surgery is called UPPP surgery. It is implemented by the doctor only. He cuts off all the enlargements in your nose and throat that prevent you from breathing freely at night. It is going to take you about 3 weeks to totally recover after the operation.

Similar type of operation is a laser operation. The pattern is the same with UPPP surgery. The difference is that a procedure is performed by a laser instead of the doctor, the doctor only takes out uvulva that was burnt off.

If your case is an obstruction in a nose that makes it hard to breathe, then the surgeon will eliminate it during the operation.

The next option is when the surgeon performs manipulations with your tongue. During the surgery, he puts it in a position to prevent from falling back during the night’s sleep. Because once it falls, your ability to breathe decreases immediately.

A more serious and painful surgery takes places when your jaws do not close the way they are supposed to. The surgeon moves your jaws in a right position a little up and forward. He finds a perfect spot that opens your air ways which in turn allows you to sleep soundlessly. Alternatively to surgery you can try an anti snoring chinstrap

The last and the newest surgery to stop snoring is called a coblation channeling. It removes any extra thing that bothers your night’s rest.

Consult the doctor and choose what suits you the most.